Nicholas Sparks

By Robin Wijaya - Desember 25, 2012

I knew Sparks' book not on purpose. Just when my sister kept some DVD collection in her shelf, I found one that attracted me by the title, "a walk to remember". I'm not a big fan of romance or mellow-dramatic movies. I love action and superhero much than them. But the story had brought me to stayed along when the movie run, and... I thought, I was gonna read the novel too.

I enjoyed the book much. It's not kinda my favorite. But I realized, I get only few books could make me hold it up to the end of story. And, it's one of them. I told my pals about the book, and they just jeered me up. Oh, yeah, I was not a bookworm. So I found my self like a clumsy one when knew nothing who Nicholas Sparks was. He'd published at least around ten at that time. I am so curious to read others. And, pleased by those titles.

Since I wrote my first romance novel, I know that I have to get good reference of books in the same genre. I just have a few. And I don't know, which book should I read, which author will be the inspiring one. But I remember some. They are Sparks'. I reread the books, and got what my editor said as bundle of writing knowledge by reading. Besides, I start to love the way Sparks telling the story, I get some writing points too. So, I keep reading his right away.

Well... these are only few I have from all Sparks published book (where's my Dear John and The Guardian, huh?). I wish I can add them up someday. And I'll read the newest one, always.

Oh, one of Sparks' book will be adapted on screen. Soon, in 2013. Here's the trailer

And how about you? Who's your favorite author? Your inspiring one?

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4 komentar

  1. Meg Cabot, Julie James, Jennifer Echols and Lindsey Kelk. Coba baca deeehh :))

  2. Baru baca Meg Cabot 2 judul, lebih nge-romance lagi ya, dan kekinian :p
    Suka baca Jodi Picoult sama Cecelia Ahern nggak? Gue juga suka yang 2 itu :))

  3. Nicholas Sparks is also my favourite author. If I'm not mistaken, he had released 20 books so far but only 8 of them have been translated to Indonesian :( Have you read The Rescue? I highly recommend it.

  4. Nope, does it have Indonesian edition?